Alt Pronouns Launches E-commerce Fashion Platform


We’re happy to announce the official launch of our gender free fashion line, easily accessible in a judgment free e-commerce environment.

Alt Pronouns is a human identity brand committed to breaking down social barriers to allow people to discover and explore self identity and expression. Our new shop offers a selection of exclusive graphic tees with phrases like “love my identity”, “trans is beautiful”, and "shatter gender.”

Our mission is to illuminate the untold stories of human identity. We champion PRIDE (progress, respect, inclusion, diversity, and equality) throughout the world, and aim to create safe spaces, both digital and physical, where people can discover and explore identity without judgment.

Advocating an accepting, inclusive future for all, we amplify our mission by partnering with individuals and organizations committed to advancing equality, enhancing visibility, and supporting LGBTQIA+ communities.

We give back to our community by contributing a portion of proceeds from select collections throughout the year to LGBTQIA+ non-profit organizations.