Alt Pronouns Launches Fashion Line Championing Queer Identity

Alt Pronouns Launches Fashion Line Championing Queer Identity

Startup challenges social norms with e-commerce fashion platform

New York, New York / May 28, 2019 - Alt Pronouns ( is happy to announce the official launch of their gender free fashion line, easily accessible in a judgment free e-commerce environment.

Alt Pronouns is a human identity brand committed to breaking down social barriers to allow people to discover and explore self identity and expression. The shop offers a selection of exclusive graphic tees with phrases like “love my identity”, “trans is beautiful”, and "shatter gender.” Compared to other gender free lines, this range aims to be easily accessible with prices for items starting at $34.

Alt Pronouns' mission is to illuminate the untold stories of human identity. They champion PRIDE (progress, respect, inclusion, diversity, and equality) throughout the world, and create safe spaces, both digital and physical, where people can discover and explore identity without judgment.

Advocating an accepting, inclusive future for all, they amplify this mission by partnering with individuals and organizations committed to advancing equality, enhancing visibility, and supporting LGBTQIA+ communities. They give back to the community by contributing a portion of proceeds from select collections throughout the year to LGBTQIA+ non-profit organizations.

“A few years ago, 'The Out List’ introduced me to my queer history and made me aware of the people who fought for a world where I could come out at 14; it set me on a path of self-discovery to find my role in creating a safer future for queer youth. Since then I have been inspired by new brands who are rewriting social norms and bringing to light a multitude of diverse identities, illustrating the future of acceptance we all deserve—one that is free of judgment and labels,” said Lex Evan, Founder and CEO. Evan is a 30-year old brand experience designer whose career spans 10 years working with leading global beauty brands.

“What’s different about Alt Pronouns is that we’re a gender free brand, not just a fashion label. I think it’s incredible progress that fashion brands are exploring genderless territory, but this movement isn’t just about the clothes, it’s about the message. There is a deeper understanding that the systems and terminology of identity we have inherited are limited and incomplete. I think the biggest catalyst of change is visibility and by making clothing that anyone can access and wear to carry this message, we can reach a broader audience to provoke bold new ideas of what it means to be human,” said Evan.

According to a report by trend forecasting agency J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group, more than 50% of Gen Z knows someone who uses gender-neutral pronouns like “they” and “ze”, and with 56% of Gen Z and 46% of millennials shopping outside of clothing designed for their gender, the future of fashion is shifting away from a binary distinction and into one that is based on form, style, and interests. Distinguishing Alt Pronouns from brands who’ve launched gender-neutral lines, is the brand’s inception and promise to always be entirely free of gender, queer led for queer identities, and to be easily accessible for those who most need safe spaces for self-discovery.

“It’s important that the world sees us as we see ourselves, and that we see ourselves represented in the world. Seeing ourselves in others gives us permission to live and love our truth everyday. Alt Pronouns is about discovering, exploring, and loving your true identity,” said Evan.


Alt Pronouns is a human identity brand that champions queer identity. Alt Pronouns offers bold gender free apparel that celebrates queer history and challenges social norms to advance gender liberation. Alt Pronouns promises to always be entirely free of gender, queer led for queer identities, and easily accessible to those who most need safe spaces for self discovery and expression. Visit | #LoveYourIdentity

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